A non-profit organisation donating funds raised through an annual Christmas lunch to deserving charities.

Charity Support

The Giving Guild Christmas lunch raises funds for a different Irish charity each year. 

We invite those who attend our lunch to nominate charitable organisations that they would like us to support. From these nominations, three charities are selected and on the day of the event, we hold a vote at the Giving Guild lunch to decide which one will receive the funds from the following year’s event.

We also invite applications from registered charities who provide their services in the Republic of Ireland. We like the money we raise to do good here in Ireland and so, unfortunately, don’t support charities providing their services in other countries. 

If you would like to make an enquiry about becoming one of our nominated charities, please email

To date, we have supported:

  • 2011 Laura Lynn Hospice – €8,500
  • 2012 Cystic Fibrosis Ireland – €11,500
  • 2013 L’Arche Community, Kilkenny – €13,000
  • 2014 Women’s Aid – €8,000
  • 2015 Blackrock Hospice – €12,000
  • 2016 3Ts – €10,000
  • 2017 Peter McVerry Trust – €18,000
  • 2018 St Catherine’s  School, Newcastle, Wicklow – €18,000
  • 2019 St Augustine’s School, Blackrock, Dublin – €18,000
  • 2020 Hugh’s House – €12,000 (raised online due to Covid)
  • 2022 Hugh’s House – €18,000 (held in April ’22 due to Covid)
  • 2022 Heart Children – €22,00
  • 2023 Solas Project – 

Total raised to date: €169,00


Who we are

The Giving Guild was set up in 2011 by school friends, Ciara McGettigan, Jenny Hughes & Sheila Campbell. Our goal was to organise a festive lunch that raised funds for a different charity annually.

Supported by our friends and their friends, we have built up a loyal following who attend the event each December. Very few tables change hands, helping to create an atmosphere at the event where there are few degrees of separation between our guests.

It’s fun, its unique and often a little crazy. And we love it!


In 2023 we're raising funds for Solas Project


Solas Project directly addresses the educational disadvantage that exists in Ireland today and disproportionately impacts children from lower socio-economic backgrounds. Throughout Ireland, school retention rates vary considerably.  

The club has three primary goals to ensure:

  • Children are achieving full potential in learning & development
  • Children are safe, cared for & have increased resilience
  • Children are given opportunities & supported to be active & healthy leading to improved physical and mental wellbeing.

Funding from the Giving Guild will support a programme of intensive after school support, helping children identified as at risk of educational and social disadvantage.  

This provides a positive home-like environment, in which the children have a nutritious meal, receive assistance with their homework, and engage in constructive activities which are designed to develop their self-worth, motivation and life skills. Central to the approach is creating a loving environment that is safe, peaceful, encouraging, stimulating and constructive.